Do you have a Smart irrigation system?

Transform your sprinkler system into a smart system

Use only the right amount of water at the right time with Toro® Evolution irrigation products including the Toro® Evolution Controller and the Toro® ET Sensor. Starting more than 100 years ago and adding irrigation over 50 years ago, Toro Irrigation has the best technology to manage the water you use for irrigation. With Toro Evolution, your system will only water when necessary and will only use the necessary amount of water for your exact ground conditions in your yard.

The Toro Evolution controller stores over 40 years of weather data for your specific latitude and longitude. That data is the foundation for your smart sprinkler system controller. The ET Weather sensor monitors actual conditions including current temperature and rainfall to adjust your next irrigation cycle based on actual current conditions.

When you use Toro irrigation sprinkler heads, you’re not only being a good steward of the environment, but you’re saving money on your water bill. Broken sprinkler heads and an inefficient controller can cause your system to dump thousands of unnecessary gallons of water into your yard. Upgrade to a smart controller with Conserva Irrigation. Do you want us to take a look at your existing controller and weather sensor to diagnose how well they’re working? No problem. Give us a ring for a free system inspection. At no charge to you, we will inspect your entire system and provide you with a diagnostic report that includes flat-rate pricing for any repairs or upgrades you might want to make.

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