Irrigation maintenance and repair made easy

Here are the sprinkler system repair and maintenance issues Conserva can take care of for you.

  • Broken heads
  • Lateral line leaks
  • Irrigation system design issues
  • Matched precipitation rates
  • Sprinkler head efficiency
  • Master valve efficiency and repairs
  • Backflow prevention issue diagnosis and repairs
  • Irrigation controller programming to make your system smart
  • Cycle/soak system programming
  • Programming seasonal adjustments to minimize unnecessary water waste
  • Programming for your yard’s conditions including sun, shade, slope, etc.
  • Installing or repairing your rain sensor
  • Installing a Toro® ET Sensor
  • Installing or repairing your weather sensor
  • Installing, repairing or repositioning soil sensors

Not sure if your system is working correctly? Are you sure that you’re not overwatering? Do you know how much water you could save if a professional irrigation specialist programmed your controller to make it a smart system? Call today to order a totally free system inspection called the Conserva System Efficiency Evaluation.

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