Environmentally responsible irrigation

Conserva Irrigation was founded on the simple principle of saving water used for irrigation. Irrigation systems are good for the environment when programmed correctly and used responsibly. Appropriate amounts of irrigation allow for a lush green landscape and healthy trees that contribute oxygen to the environment. Unfortunately, all too many irrigation systems are programmed wrong. Inefficient systems are programmed based on what seems like a reasonable or logical watering schedule and what seems like a logical or reasonable amount of water for proper irrigation.

The Conserva system is a completely smart system. Not only is your controller’s base programming designed for your precise latitude and longitude but your Toro Evolution weather sensor communicates with your controller based on actual weather conditions. At Conserva Irrigation, it’s not unusual for our customers to call wondering if their sprinkler system is broken when it has not irrigated in a number of days. That’s by design. If your current conditions don’t require watering, your smart system won’t water.

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